The health benefits of CBD can affect your body from top to bottom...literally!  I have always been the type of person that would stay away from medicine unless it was absolutely the last resort.  I will suffer through a headache or massage a muscle ache to relieve the pain.  I know OTC and prescribed medicine is preferred and work for some people, but I'd rather avoid taking medicine whenever possible.  Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against medicine but just have a personal preference.  If I can heal my body and relieve what is ailing me with a natural remedy, best believe I'll choose that option!

I have found that CBD is a great addition to my overall healthy lifestyle.  I don't rely on CBD of course, I eat relatively healthy and work out regularly.  I say relatively because you can't deny a piece of chocolate or a slice of pizza every single day...we must have our time or two to indulge.  Most things we partake in are okay with moderation and proper use, right?

Enough for now, excuse my while I sip my tea infused with CBD oil and reap the benefits...


What benefits have you or do you expect from CBD?

(feel free to post anonymously)

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